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Thursday, February 28, 2013


More Than Human is a web-isodic supernatural thriller, which focuses on a group of teens that acquire special abilities after drinking a stolen serum. "It's Heros for the teen set,"says director Carlos Tovar.

The series stars a cast of talented newcomers,  Alexandra Mauro, Xavier Price, Sadie Brook, Scott Chase and Rowland Sauls, and their new found powers bring them into conflict with inter-dimensional beings and government agents, to name a few. 

Filmed in Texas and shot by cinematographer Jeffery Fountain, in a joint partnership with ShootonRED.com, the series has wrapped production on the first 5 episodes.

Created and produced by Tovar, the creative team includes co-producers Courtney Sandifer and Stephen Wolfe, along with associate producers Ray Khan, Joe Grisaffi and Tricia Mauro.

Episodes 6-10 are slated for summer 2013 production. To watch the series visit the Fanboy Filmmaker Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/fanboyfilmmaker 

For more info visit Fanboy Filmmaker

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